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Friends Annual Board Meeting and Luncheon 2017

The Friends held the annual Board of Directors meeting on May 9, 2017. The Board meeting was followed by the annual luncheon with a near record turnout. Our speaker was Lt. General Susan Helms, USAF (ret.). General Helms, one of the premier astronauts in our space program, recounted some of her adventures and observations from her space missions. Of particular interest was a movie of the interior of the International Space Station and the activities that take place during a mission.

Friends of the Air Force Academy Library

Standing: Melissa Robohn, Christie Schwank, Lindy Royer, Jim Gaston, Gary Packard, Mike Gould, Rich Lemp.
Seated: Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Lorrie Bennett, Ed Scott, Philip Caine, Peggy Litwhiler, Skip Scott

?, P. K. Robinson, ? Leeanne Ferguson & John Andrew Christopher Miller & T. Thompson

Gary Howe & Gail Colvin Mike Gould & Matt Carpenter Lt. General Michelle Johnson, Jay Kelley, & ?

Barbara ?, Barbara ?, & Dawn Amoneno   Susan Helms

  Phil Caine & Ed Scott Susan Helms & Phil Caine