Friends History Timeline

Friends Annual Luncheon 2015

The Friends annual luncheon meeting was held May 19, 2015, featuring guest speaker Brigadier General Andrew P. Armacost, USAFA Dean of the Faculty.

Friends of the Air Force Academy Library

Back Row: Gary Howe, Mike Gould, Marty Daack, Jim Titus, ???, Richard Lemp, Jim Gaston, Ed Scott, & Col. Kathleen Harrington. Front Row: Melissa Robohn, Skip Scott, Christie Schwank, Phil Caine, Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Peggy Litwhiler, Jock Schwank.

Carolyn Erdle, Christie Schwank,
& Dona Hildebrand
Carolyn Erdle, Dona Hildebrand,
& Carolyn Lemp
Lt. General Michelle Johnson & Skip Scott

Erlind Royer & Hans Mueh   Mike Gould, Skip Scott, ?

Col. Kathleen Harrington, Mary Daack,
& Ed Scott
Phil Caine Brig. General Andrew Armacost