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Friends Annual Luncheon 2010

The Board of Directors of The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library held its annual meeting on May 11, 2010.

The focus of this year’s luncheon was on honoring our President and Founding Member, the late Lt. Gen. A. P. Clark.

The guest speaker for this year’s luncheon was the Superintendent, Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, who gave a very interesting and comprehensive overview of activities at the Academy, the challenges faced by the institution, and a summary of what the future is likely to hold. President Caine presented the Superintendent with a copy of The Genesis of Flight as well as General Clark’s books, 33 Months as a POW in Stalag Luft III and Falconry at the Air Force Academy.

Friends of the Air Force Academy Library

Standing: ???, Gary Howe, Ed Scott, Duane Reed, Jim Gaston, John Andrew, Lindy Royer, Skip Scott.
Sitting: Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, Susan Stone Woodward, Lorrie Bennett, Philip Caine, Jock Schwank,
Don White, Dona Hildebrand, Christie Schwank

Phil Caine Lt Gen. Mike Gould Lt Gen. Mike Gould & Phil Caine