Friends History Timeline

USAFA 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Friends, in cooperation with the Association of Graduates, officially began the celebration of the Air Force Academy’s 50th anniversary with a reception at Doolittle Hall and the initial screening of the DVD, Expect Great Things on April 1, 2004. This reception was in lieu of our traditional spring meeting. Funded by the Association of Graduates, the DVD was produced for The Friends by Word One, Inc. It contains film footage obtained from the National Archives that portrays key events in the first fifty years of the Academy’s history. It also includes interviews with many of those who were instrumental in building the institution and with graduates who shared their experiences at the Academy.

Following the initial presentation of Expect Great Things, we began actively promoting the distribution of the DVD. The Friends are hopeful that the effort will result in a nationally televised presentation of this extraordinary chronicle of the Academy’s history.

Brig. General Phil Caine,
Master of Ceremonies
Lt. General Bradley Hosmer,
Keynote Speaker

Mr. Will Ketterson &
Brig. General Phil Caine
Mrs. Eula Harmon Hoff, daughter of Lt. Gerneral Hubert Harmon, &
Lt. General Hosmer
Lt. General Bradley & Mrs. Zita Hosmer
with Lt. General A. P. Clark

Colonel Jock Schwank with Friends
advisor Colonel Hans Mueh
Brig. General Erlind Royer &
Mrs. Eula Harmon Hoff
Brig. General Phil Caine, Colonel Henry "Kort" & Mrs. Donna Kortemeyer

Brig. General Phil Caine (Right), with grandson, daughter Ginny, & wife Doris   Colonel Jim Gaston, producer of Expect Great Things, & Mr. Will Ketterson

Left to Right: Will & Betty Ketterson, Jerry & Cynthia Peterson, Lucinda & Duane Reed Thank you note to Lt. General A. P. Clark from Congresswoman Heather Wilson 50th Anniversary
Celebration Pamphlet