Friends History Timeline

Friends Annual Luncheon 1999

The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library held its annual luncheon on May 11. The featured speaker was Brigadier General David A. Wagie, USAFA Dean of the Faculty.

Colonel & Mrs. Thomas Personett &
Duane Reed
Colonel Jock Schwank &
Colonel Lee Black
Center: Colonel Ollie

Center: Lt. General & Mrs. A. P. Clark Major General Walter Arnold &
Mrs. Audry Gatlin
Left: Brig. General & Mrs. Wagie

Left to Right: Hal Litteral, Brig. General Jesse Gatlin, Brig. General Philip Caine,
& Colonel Mark Wells
Colonel Henry Kortemeyer Colonel Bill Mahon &
Lt. General A. P. Clark

Colonel & Mrs. Thomas Personett Left to Right: Colonel C. U. Glines, Colonel Elliott Converse, Mrs. Peggy Litwhiler, Colonel Dan Litwhiler, Ms. Michelle
???, & Duane Reed
Lt. General A. P. Clark

Brig. General George Fagan Brig. General David Wagie Lt. General A. P. Clark &
Brig. General David Wagie