Friends History Timeline

Friends Annual Luncheon 1998

The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library held its annual luncheon on May 7. The featured speaker was Lieutenant General Tad Oelstrom, USAFA Superintendent.

Seated: Colonel & Mrs. Tom Personett Standing: Mrs. Laurie Bennett Left to Right: Colonel Elliott Converse, Mr. Willis Ketterson, & Lt. General A. P. Clark Lt. Colonel Reid Schaffer &
Colonel Jock Schwank

  Far Right: Don Barrett & Phil Caine Audrey & Jesse Gatlin, & ???

Shaking Hands: Lt. General Tad Oelstrom
& Nancy Burns, Lt. Colonel Reid Schaffer, & ???
Center: Lt. General A. P. Clark Colonel & Mrs. David Waggie
Lt. General Winfield Scott

Colonel & Mrs. Dan Litwhiler
Mr. & Mrs. Don Barrett
  Center: Brig. General George Fagan

Center: Mrs. Tad Oelstrom &
Lt. General A. P. Clark
Duane Reed, ???, Skip Scott, & A. P. Clark Lt. General A. P. Clark

Brig. General Philip Caine Lt. General A. P. Clark presents Lt. General Tad Oelstrom with a copy of Brig. General Phillip D. Caine's book entitled Aircraft Down: Evading Capture in WWII Europe