Friends History Timeline

Friends Annual Luncheon 1988

The Friends held its first annual meeting and luncheon, featuring guest speaker Mr. Henry Soderberg of Stockholm, Sweden. Among his many achievements, Mr. Soderberg served with the International YMCA in Germany, servicing allied prisoner of war camps in Eastern Europe during World War II.

Rae Hellen & Lorrie Bennett greeting members at the first annual meeting

The Assembled Members

Lt. Col. R. H. Schaeffer, Director of Academy Libraries & George Fagan, Treasurer, Friends of the Academy Library

President Thomas S. Moorman

Thomas Moorman, President, Gordon Culver, Vice-President, & George Fagan, Treasurer

Henry Soderberg

Henry Soderberg speaking on Swedenborg's early Swedish airplane

General Moorman making presentation to Henry Soderberg

The Luncheon

Lt. Col. Schaeffer, Lt. Gen. A. P. Clark, & Henry Soderberg

Duane Reed, Academy Library Archivist & Dr. Jim Parks, WWI Buff

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Weinberg, Lt. Gen. A. P. Clark, & Dr. & Mrs. Jim Parks

Henry Soderberg at the Gimbel Library

Lt. Gen. A. P. Clark & Henry Soderberg

Alex MacArthur, Lt. Gen. A. P. Clark, Henry Soderberg, & Duane Reed

Dinner in Honor of Henry Soderberg


The Bennetts, Weinbergs, Clarks, & Blands


The Friends of the Academy Library Offices

Lt. General Clark & Rae Hellen at work in the Friends of the Academy Library Office